the broth

Japanese ramen broth is, by origin, pork based. There are 3 main styles of ramen: 'Miso', 'Shoyu' & 'Tonkotsu'. The most prestigious variation of 'Tonkotsu' ramen is the Kyushu style ramen. Within the Kyushu style, our chef's recipes originate from the Kumamoto region of Japan. 


the noodles

Traditional ramen noodles are egg noodles, which are a soft golden yellow color and appear wavy. The Kyushu tradition serves a straighter lighter colored noodle. Both are handmade and both cooked in an 'al dente' fashion, as they will continue to cook in the broth when served.


the taste

In order to define the taste of Kumamoto Kyushu style ramen, you would need to have an understanding of all types of ramen to reference comparisons. So for the well travelled, you will easily be able to define and describe the distinct taste and experience that we offer. For those who may not be as familiar with Japanese culture, let us explain; our broth is simmered for 2 days. As you can imagine, a lot of flavors are extracted from the pork bones. So do you think the pork flavor would be strong or subtle? The true answer to this question depends on what your personal preference is. However, we are happy to offer recommendations to best suit your taste buds!


the experience

1) Taste the broth.

2) Taste the noodles.

3) Experience and enjoy the flavors and texture of the ramen.

4) We encourage you to flavor the broth & noodles using the spices that are on your table; a Kumamoto specialty.

5) The flavor of your broth will evolve and change throughout your meal.


It is the Chefs' intention for you to experience the passion and quality of ingredients that they have put into each bowl of ramen. Thank you for joining us!