add a side dish

Udon    2.25


Mini Karaage Curry Rice Bowl     3

Lightly battered, marinated boneless chicken in fresh ginger juice, served with Japanese curry sauce and rice.


extra toppings

Kikurage Mushroom     1.5

Roast Pork (2 pcs)      4

Bamboo shoots    1.5

Seasoned Boiled Egg     1.25

Extra Noodles     1.75

Chicken Breast     3

Shrimp Tempura (2pcs)   4

Fish cake (2pcs)    1

Seasonal Vegetables    2

Cabbage & Carrots     1.5 

Bean Sprout    1

Scallion      0.75

Corn     1


special noodles

Bibim Noodle         12

Fresh cooked spicy noodles, chicken, cucumber, kimchee, mushroom and seasoned boiled egg.


Spicy Ramen    13

Natural Heritage Berkshire Pork bone soup with a chicken and seafood broth, topped with roast pork (charshu), bean sprouts, kimchee, a seasoned boiled egg, kikurage mushrooms and scallions.


Charshu Men         13

Natural Heritage Berkshire Pork bone soup topped with roast pork (charshu), red ginger and scallions.


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